Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NYX blush and Lipgloss review!

 My picture after my birthday dinner showcasing NYX's Blush in Pinched and NYX's lipgloss in Perfect (over a dark peach lipsgtick)

I recently purchased some new NYX products that I'm going to review. I've tried their eyeshadow palette in Champagne and Caviar and did a review which you can see here. I also have their Jumbo eye pencil in Milk to use as a base for some of my eyeshadow looks. Basically, I'm not new to the brand, but I wanted to branch out and try their blushes and lipgloss. I ordered their blush in Pinched, which I've heard is a close dupe for NAR's orgasm blush that everyone raves about. I don't have the NAR's blush to compare it to (I cant justify spending close to 30 bucks for a blush!) but I've hear this NYX blush is pretty darn good! I also ordered one of their mega shine lipglosses in the shade Perfect. It's a beautiful nude that can be worn alone or over a lipstick or a lipliner for more shine. It really is a *perfect* shade in my opinion- it will go with anything! 

So let me get started with a more in depth review of each product, starting with the blush. As I said, I ordered mine in the color Pinched. It is a beautiful golden peach color. It is a little shimmery in swatches, but when applied to the face it just gives a nice beautiful glow to the face. Be careful with this blush though--you can easily over do it! I barely touched the blush with my brush and got a nice application. This blush blends beautifully as well! I have a feeling this may be my new go-to blush! Here are some swatches and you can also see it in action on the picture above!

This swatch shows the more pinky tones
This swatch shows the more simmer notes in this blush- this is what gives you the healthy beautiful glow!

Now on to the lipgloss. I have the Mega Shine Lipgloss in Perfect, and I must say- I think it's just that! This gloss has is a beautiful peachy/pinky/nude with a nice shimmer- NO FROST! It will make any lipstick pop and have just a hint of golden shimmer. This can be worn alone for just a beautiful natural shimmer to your own lipcolor as well! This is definitely my new favorite gloss! It goes on super smooth (with a doe foot applicator), it is NOT super sticky, but seems thick enough to have decent staying power. Nothing irks me more then a super sticky gloss--you know the kind where you apply it and you open your mouth and you feel that goopiness between your upper and lower lip..blech! Over all, I think this is an amazing gloss, I will definitely be repurchasing this in the future and I'll for sure be checking out other shades from this line as well! Here are some swatches for you (you can also see this lipgloss in action over a lipstick in the above picture too!

lipgloss straight out of the tube, no other color on the lips
lipgloss over Revlon's lipstick in Peach
Hope you enjoyed this review! I promise to have some new tutorials up soon too! Keep checking back, and leave any requests in the comment section!