Sunday, September 30, 2012

how to sport a bold lip (red and pink!)

For this blog post, I'm going to be showing you how to rock a bright lip. I've recently decided to be more daring with my lip products (and toning down the eyes!). Embracing a brighter or deeper lip color is great for fall--or any time of year. To pull it off you really need a fairly neutral eye look - although I would probably dare to pair with a darker eye look too for something more edgy.. This is a tutorial that will show you how to wear a red lip which is great for night time, or a brighter pink for daytime wear. Although these aren't rules..cause I rock red lips during the day too! You will notice in the following pictures, that I sometimes have short hair, and other times longer--these were taken over a few different times of rockin the lip so I could get a more varried choice of pictures to add to this blog You'll also notice that on the pics where I have shorter hair, I did line my upper lash line with a liquid liner. You can do either- I just wanted a little bolder look that particular day. So..enough blabbing, on with the tutorial!

I started off this look with the most obvious thing- Urban Decay Primer Potion on the lid and brows. On the lid I started off with a flesh colored eyeshadow (use whatever matches YOUR skintone) and i placed that all over the eye are clear up to the brows. This will also act as a highlight after we add the crease color. For the crease I used Teased from the Naked 2 palette, but any matte shadow thats a few shades darker then your natural skin tone will work. Basically you just want to deepen the crease a little bit to create the illusion of a shadow where  your natural crease is. All you're really doing is creating a more perfect version of your natural eye. You don't want to LOOK like you have eyeshadow on, it should look completely natural. In some of the pics I did follow these steps with a liquid black liner on the upper lash line for a more edgy and bold look. You don't have to, if more natural is your thing, then go for it! I then filled in my brows with a pencil and set it with a powder that matches my hair my darker hair. The last step for the eyes is to throw on your favorite mascara!

For the face, I just used my regular foundation, and buffed it into the skin with circular motions with a stippling brush. Make sure you cover all your under eye circles with a concealor as well as any blemishes. After that I powdered the face to get rid of any shine (damn you oily skin!) But if you prefer a more dewy, natural finish you can skip the powder. I applied blush to the apples of the cheeks and blended back toward the hair line. I didn't contour or apply any kind of highlight..I wanted the focus of these looks to be the lips.

Now for the fun part of the look. For the red lips I started off with a red lip liner and lined and filled my ENTIRE lip in (just a tip- if you have chapped or dry lips, try applying a chapstick when you first start your makeup to smooth everything out--then remove before you start applying your liner and lipstick). Once you have the entire lip filled in with liner, go back and top it off with your favorite red lip. You can add a gloss if you'd like or leave it matte. I've really been enjoying a matte lip lately so I skipped the gloss. For the pink lip, I don't own a lipliner, so I just went straight in with the lipstick. I do feel it would have went on smoother if I had a lipliner, but alas..I'm working with what I've got! If you want your lipstick to last ALL day, you can blot your lipstick, then add a light dusting of a translucent powder on top, then reapply your lipstick and blot a second time. Unless you do major eating-this will keep your lipstick on for a good long time! for the finished looks, I'll show you the red first, followed by the pink. The bottom will have a list of all products used!

Products Used:


Urban Decay Primer Potion (original formula)

Wet n Wild Vanity palette- lightest skin tone color for the lid, and Urban Decay's Tease (from the Naked 2 palette) in the crease

L'oreal Lineur Intense in Carbon Black #H200 (upper lash line) - for pics with liquid liner on upper lash lin

Urban Decay's SuperCurl mascara

Brows- Wet n wild Pencil in-taupe    And I used the wet n wild eyeshadow palette Vanity, I used the medium matte brown shade to set the pencil


Primer: Loreal- Studio Secrets face primer

Foundation: Urban Decay's Naked Skin foundation in 3.5

Blush: wet n wild's in Heather Silk

Conealor: Mac's Studio Fix concealor in NW20

Powder: Mac's Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation in NW20

Red lip: Rimmel Exaggerate lip pencil in Red Diva and Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip color in Stoplight Red.
Pink lip- Wet n Wild Mega Laset Lip color in Dollhouse Pink

Brushes Used:

Real Techniques Stippling blush to apply foundation

Urban Decay's double ended brush (comes in Naked 2 palette)

Elf blending brush (essential line) to blend all the colors seamlessly together.

Elf face brush (essential line) to apply face bowder

Elf blush brush (studio line) to apply blush and contour with elfs bronzer

Elf eyeshadow brush (essential line) for concealor

Revlon angle liner brush for brows