Thursday, August 11, 2011

pink and black eyemake up look

So I decided to mess around a little bit and create a fun look. I'm not sure where I would wear this look, but I do love it! Again, I apologize for the crappy camera. My birthday is at the end of october and I'm really hoping SOMEONE will buy me a nice digital But here are some pics first, then I will explain what I did and what products I used (at the very bottom):


I started off with elf's eyelid primer (from the essential 1 dollar line- in nude). I then took brush and packed the bright pink eyeshadow on the inner half of my lid, I did apply it wet by adding just a bit of water to my brush first. This helps the color pop even more! Next I took my black eyeshadow and started at the outer V and worked it into the crease and over to meet the pink in the middle.I blended this out and added more black as needed. Be very careful with the black as it can overtake the pink quite quickly and easly. Blend everything with a VERY gentle hand.  I then went back over the pink on the inside just for a bit more crisp of a look. The last eyeshadow I chose was a light shimmery pink which I place under they eyebrow and blended to each side and carefully down into the other shadows below. Again be careful with the black, especially if it's a highly pigmented black- because it can totally mess up your whole look if you aren't careful.

After The eyeshadow was applied, I took my eyeliner and tightlined my upper lid as well as lined the upper lid above the lash line--which I winged out slightly at the outer edge. I moved to my bottom lid and lined my entire water line. At the very outer edge (about 1/3) of my eye, I lined under my lashline and brought it up to meet my winged eyeliner on the top. I then completed my look with a coat of very black mascara!

So let me know...what do you guys think?!

Products used:

Primer: Elf Eyeshadow primer

Eyeshadow: NYX champaigne and Caviar Palette For the black and light pink colors on the bottom row (light pink for highlighter, black for outer half of eye). And the Cupcake hot topic eyeshadow for the inner half of the eye.

Eyeliner: Avon glittersticks in black

Mascara: Avon mascara

Brushes used:
Elf eyeshadow brush for the lid as well as the highlighter color

Elf eye contour brush for the crease

Elf blending brush to blend the colors (duh!..haha)