Monday, October 24, 2011

Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Review!

The compact on the outside

The Powder on top

the secret compartment in the bottom with the sponge
Well ladies and gents, I finally did it! I got my hands on some Mac. This stuff is super expensive, but I can see why everyone raves about it! I have super oily skin and this is the absolute perfect foundation for anyone that has it. It is super light weight--I can't even feel it on my skin! The lady at the counter matched me to my perfect shade and she did a FABULOUS job! It blends so naturally and effortlessly into my skin! Basically it makes me look like I was born with amazing skin (which I wasn't ha! --I wish!). You get medium coverage but it is totally buildable for a good full coverage. When I went to the mall yesterday --I went with no make up on my face (just my eye make up) and even without any kind of primer or concealor on my face I still got some really great coverage. today I'm gonna try it with my primer and concealer to cover up my pesky pimples. Anyway this stuff goes on like silk and covers really well. It wasn't too powdery or heavy...basically what I'm getting at is---THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! It costs 26.50 plus tax which is definitely on the pricey side, but if you look at the fact that it takes the place of foundation and powder and concealer (you might need a tad bit more concealer to cover a few bad blemishes or something)..but still you get pretty much everything in one. And it will last you quite a while I'm guessing with the amount of product in the pan. So all in all, I definitely think this is worth the buy...and I have a feeling I'm going to be buying some more MAC products in the future...MAC=love! Definitely check this stuff out if you have oily skin, but be sure to have a Mac consultant match you to you're perfect shade the first time, you won't be disappointed!!