Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rimmel London Gloss Lip Liner review!

I was browsing around my grocery store where I work, and stumbled accross these little babies, the Rimmel London Gloss Lip Liner, for 99 cents for a pack of 2. I do work in a discount store, so normal retail price may be higher. I have never been a big lip liner person (unless its for a bold lip). But I figured for 99 cents, I would give these guys a try! I picked up 2 packs, so 4 lip liners. The colors are Hot Spark, Be a Star, Sorbet, and Moreish. Here are some swatches to start off:

Top to bottom: Sorbet, Moreish,Hot Spark, Be a Star
I've never tried a gel lip liner before, the texture is quite interesting. When I tried them on the lips, I lined my entire lip then filled them. These have the texture of a lipstick and gloss combined, the definitely have a nice glossy shine, although they do tend to set and lose a bit of their *gloss* over time and become more matte. . I personally have worn them alone and with a lipstick. They go on incredibly smooth and feel quite nice on the lips. The staying power isn't as great as it could be- but I blame that on the *gloss* quality of these. I just don't think anything  with a *glossy*  texture is going to have great staying power on the lips because most people are constantly talking, and moving the mouth. But then again - I seem to have trouble getting ANY kind of lip product to stay on for more then an hour. So perhaps I'm a little bit negatively biased towards a lot of lip products. They are all quite glossy looking, but some are definitely moreso then others. Even though the staying power isn't fantastic for me, I still enjoy the texture and look of the product on the lips.

My BIGGEST pet peeve with this product IS because it is a glossy liner. Being such a soft alomst gel like consistency, these pencils are gonna wear down rather quickly, and need to be sharpened a lot! Just after one use of lining and filling in my lips, the original tip was worn about half way and obviously no longer sharp. Most lip liners have a bit more solidity therefore they last longer.

I had a lot of trouble finding this product on other websites, there are a few on amazon. This product isn't even listed on Rimmel's website. I'm thinking this may be a discontinued product.

I don't think this is a *horrible* product per say, but I understand why it didn't exactly take off. The pencils have great color pay off, great texture, but really lack on the staying power- which is a huge downside because a lip pencil is supposed to make your lipstick LAST longer. So, depending on how you use this product will depend on how much you enjoy it. I'm glad I picked them up, and will probably continue to use them while I have them - but I'm not sure I would have ran out and repurchased them if they were still readily available.

Enough of my rambles, here are some pics of the products on:
Be a Star

Hot Spark


Thanks for checking back, and I hope you this review was helpful for you! I have a lot more product reviews and tutorials coming up, I've been battling a horrible bronchitus for a couple weeks now- once I'm 100% back to normal I'm going to get crackin on some new stuff! Hope you stick around and check back in the near future!