Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NYC and L'oreal lip products review!

I have some lip products to review for you today. I have a lipstick and lipgloss from NYC, and a L'oreal lipgloss. I must say right off hand that I prefer the NYC products over the L'oreal. I remember back in the day, buying NYC products cause they were cheap, but they were never very good quality. And let me tell you, they have improved their products GREATLY over the years, there has only been 1 newer product that I wasn't too impressed with- but no company is perfect. For the price of these products, you get some good stuff! So without anymore blabbing here is some swatches and reviews:

Kiss Gloss NYC: Park Ave Punch #532

NYC Ultra Moist Lipwear: Violet Shine #319
L'oreal Colour Juice: Pink Panther #135

L-R: Violet Shine, Pink Panther, Park Ave Punch
So here's a review of each product:

NYC Ultra Moist Lipwear in Violet Shine

This stuff is AMAZING. I have another shade from this lipstick line and its just great stuff. It's a nice light forumla that goes on great and it lasts. I have tried so many brands of lipstick and none of it lasts as well as this stuff, and this stuff costs 99 cents! This shade is a beautiful light berry shade. I was afraid is was going to be too dark, but its a nice shade, perhaps even a bit too sheer, but I can live with it. It's beautiful if you layer the Park Ave. Punch gloss over it! Definitely a must buy, I will be getting more shades from this collection in the future. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stuff! Check it out!

NYC Kiss Gloss in Park Ave Punch

This stuff is also amazing! I'm really loving the NYC brand these days. This lipgloss is very smooth and not too sticky. It smells like punch although it definitely tastes like wax. But this stuff is great, it has a bit of color but is fairly sheer when used alone. Still a beautiful hint of color with a wonderful texture and consistency. I will probably be picking up a few more colors from this line. It's really good stuff!

L'oreal Colour Juice in Pink Panther - This stuff I don't like as much as the NYC brand. It is a slight bit more pigmented however my biggest downfall is that this stuff is INCREDIBLY sticky. I hate sticky glosses, it feels so heavy and just blech and my lips. I like the color of it, but it's incredibly hard to get past the sticky feeling it leaves. I also believe this particular color has been discontinued because I can't find it anywhere. I doubt I will be repurchasing glosses from this line. L'oreal seems to be hit or miss with me. I love their liquid liner, but I'm not impressed with their glosses.
I just realized that all of the pictures of my lips look the same. My camera really does suck for pictures and swatches. But I can assure they all look a tiny bit different. in person. I do hope you enjoyed the review however, and I highly recommend checking out NYC lip products, they all seem to be amazing!