Saturday, September 10, 2011

Holy Haul! It's E.L.F. brushes!

L-R: Blush Brush, Concealer Brush(studio line), Concealer Brush (essential line), Eyeshadow "C" brush, Contour Eye brush, smudge brush (essential line)
Well I received an order today from elf. I ordered their essential set about 2 or 3 months ago, and most of the brushes were pretty good, and quite useful. So they had a great sale (50% off) on their studio line about a week and a half ago and decided to jump on it! I bought 4 from the Studio line, and 2 from the the essential (1 repeat, and one that didn't come in the original set that I bought). From the studio line I bought the blush brush, concealer brush, Eyeshadow "C" brush, contour eye brush. From the essential line I bought the concealer brush and the smudge brush. Once I use these more I will come back with and edit in a review! But for now here is a pic and description of each brush.

They came packaged in their own individual plastic case and the blush brush had it's own little cover on it:

Blush brush with plastic cover
Without plastic cover

This is a very soft, round brush. It's not too densely packed and seems as though it would be perfectly packed for a nice even application of blush to the apples of the cheeks. Would more then likely be very useful for contouring as well.  It has a slightly pointed tip for a more precise application but fluffy enough to blend the color out.

Eyeshadow "C" Brush

This brush is also incredibly soft. Surprisingly it's not as densely packed as the same brush from the essential line. I still think it will work nicely to pack on color to the lid as well as smudge colors in the crease. It has a nice "C" shape at the top and seems to be firm enough to get the job done.
Contour brush (for the eye)

I hear this is an amazing brush, and from the feel of it, I think I'll love it too. It looks like a pencil brush and a blending eye brush had a baby! It's very dense yet still amazingly soft! It's also dome shaped at the top. I think it will be a wonderful crease brush, but I think it'll be nice for blending out color as well! I'm most excited about this brush and the Concealer brush from the studio line.

Concealer Brush (studio line)
Ok I must admit, I bought this brush for a different purpose then what it is labeled for. It's intended purpose is a concealer brush, but I bought it to pack on color to the lid It's firm enough (but has enough give) to nicely pack on color to the lid and have a nice smooth application.  Its not densely packed, but its quite firm and rounded at the top, and incredibly soft!
smudge brush
This is basically a mini version of the essential lines eyeshadow brush. I honestly am not sure what I'm gonna do with this brush but I wanted to have it in my arsenal, just incase. I may use it as some point. It's not super densely packed, but enough that you could do some decent smudge work with it. It's also has a nice curved "C" shape.

This is the only brush that I have a duplicate of. I had received it with my brush set from the essential line. It's supposed to be a concealer brush but it is WAY too tiny for that unless you're only covering a tiny little blemish. BUT I found it to be very useful for filling in my eyebrows. I bought a duplicate to do tiny work work on the eyes. the corners of my lids are kind of hard to get into as well as for the work on the tear duct. Any small area that is difficult to get into with a regular brush. But this way I can use one just for my eyebrows and one for other eye work. Its very stiff and rounded at the top. I found the individual one to not be quite as stiff as the one from the full set

As I said, I haven't really used any of these brushes (other the the essential line concealer brush), so I don't have any information on how well they work for application. But I thought I would give a haul and description of each brush in case anyone is interested.