Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Post!

I decided to start this blog because there aren't many like it. Sure there are plenty of fashion and beauty blogs, but not many for the bigger ladies! And we need love too! Right, ladies? So I'm gonna stick my 2 cents in and let the world see my personal sense of fashion!

First I'm gonna start off by saying, I am so totally broke. I work at a grocery store part time and am saving up to go back to college (I'm one semester away from my psych degree). So I have very little money. However, my fashion sense goes way beyond what my wallet actually has in it ;). So I spend a little at a time and get what I want! Now I don't shop high end stuff, because I also should mention that I'm a plus sized lady (in case you didn't know!) I'm a size 26/28..not much out there for me from prada! So I shop where they have my size, Fashion Bug, lane Bryant, walmart (eek!..haha). But if you buy the right stuff, and the right styles to fit your body type, you can look good even if you shop at walmart! I do splurge on some more high end make up and accessories when I can.

So there you have it, I'm a 26 year old working in a grocery store for minimum wage, and I shop at low end stores and I still look fabulous! What's your excuse?!

OK so on to one of my most recent purchases, makeup (one of my favorite things EVER!). Now before anyone sends me hate mail, I've bought so many of the store brand makeups, L'oreal, maybeline, Max Factor, NYC, Cover get the idea. The only one of those brands that even moderately worked for me was Maybeline. I have very oily skin and most of it just slides right off! Although I did find some great foundation by Revlon! but the rest has been crap. As a matter of fact, I bought some mascara from NYC last week--and the tube was completely dried up! I took it back to the store and got a replacement, it was dried up too! I was so fed up! Then comes my new savior: AVON!

Now most of you are thinking, ewwww my grandma wears Avon (mine did too!). But ladies, I got some sample lipsticks from a family friend, and they were amazing!

I got samples of Avon's Ultra Color Rich lipstick in Sparkling Rich Ruby, and Sheer light peach, both exceeded my expectations! I haven't worn lipstick in years because it always wear off in a matter of minutes (I'm talking a half hour at the MOST). This lipstick lasted about 6 hours, a record for me! So I took the plunge and ordered 4 lipsticks, a mascara, and an eyeliner. Here's the specifics:

Ultra Color Rich Lipstick:
Sparkling Rich Ruby
Sheer Light Peach
Sheer Naturale
Sparkling Blush

Supershock mascara in black (waterproof!)
Glimmersticks eyeliner in blackest black

I will be getting my order in about 2 weeks so I'll definitely update everyone on how it works, and if it was worth the money (everything was about 24 bucks, on sale!).

I've also been kicking around the idea of buying some eyeshadow from Sephora, possibly some Urban Decay. I didn't know makeup came that expensive! I'm new to the *fashion* world, can you tell? But I'm really considering taking the plunge. Also considering buying some makeup setting spray from Urban Decay, maybe that will help my makeup have some staying power? Anyone used it, any ideas?

Well, ladies (and gents!) it is almost 1 a.m. and I have long day tomorrow, we're remodeling our house and I have work at the good old grocery store tomorrow. So..I bid you adieu!

Good night fashion world!