Saturday, July 9, 2011

awaiting new stuff--and mini Hard Candy makeup review!

Ok ladies, I haven't updated in a while because I'm still waiting for a lot of my products to get here! I recently discovered a new makeup company called E.L.F.! They supposedly make some pretty amazing products (some comparable to MAC, Urban Decay, and Bare Minerals!). Well I happened to wander onto their site during a day they were having a 50% off sale (only until midnight that night!). So needless to say I did a little splurge! Here's what I ended up getting for 21.95 (including shipping!!!):

Eyelash curlers (never used this, this should be an!)
Eyeshadow (4 in compact)
makeup primer
eyeshadow primer
finishing spray
eyebrow and highlighter stick
12 makeup brushes (yes 12!!)
and a blush contour powder duo

That's a lot of stuff for 22 bucks! I'm so very excited to be getting this stuff and I do hope it gets here soon! Also my Avon order should be arriving on Thursday as well! This week is gonna be like Christmas, I can't wait!

Now onto my review! Since I'm so impatient waiting for my elf makeup to arrive, I wandered around my local walmart looking for a makeup primer to hold me over until my shipment arrives. Yes yes I am impatient! I happened to find a makeup line called Hard Candy. I've never tried their products before, and it was a *cheaper* line of products that my local walmart offered. I found a face primer for 8 bucks. So I decided to give it at try. I have mixed reviews however. I've tried it out the last 2 days to see if it would last through my work day. Now before I get any further, I have very oily skin, and I'm lucky if my makeup lasts 3 hours at work, because I do tend to sweat a lot on my face. I was hopeful, yet not expecting a miracle.

My first impression on putting on (a little goes a long way, perhaps the size of pea was enough!) it goes on VERY smooth, and has a powder finish. It's amazing how smooth it makes your skin feel! I also noticed my makeup went on SO much smoother then it normally does, it was amazing! I went to work (worked a little over 6 hours the first day), and I must say it worked fairly well! It did NOT make my eyeshadow last perfectly, still some creasing and fading (although my eyeshadow is kind of old, and I should replace it- so I'm not sure if that could affect my results!). Although my eyeshadow did last longer then it NORMALLY does, so that is a MAJOR plus for me. The rest of my makeup still looked almost flawless after work!

So in conclusion, while this primer is NOT a miracle worker, it did have some pretty amazing results that I'm definitely happy with! And for 8 bucks, I'm definitely not going to complain! I can't wait to get my elf primer and compare the 2, see which is better. So that is my mini update and review, I must get to bed, I have some errands to run tomorrow as well as work tomorrow night!

Goodnight fashionistas!