Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rainbow Bright!

I have a bright colorful look today! I've been wanting something fun and funky to wear before summer comes to an end. I may be brave and attempt to wear this look tomorrow to work. I'll see how I feel about it But in the mean time, here are some pics followed by a description and a list of everything I used.
I started off with Elf's Eyelid primer. I applied that to my lid and all the way over my eyebrows (helps the powder stay on longer when I fill in my brows). I then started on my lid colors. I grabbed the lightest green shimmer on my Physician's Formula Palette (Pop Green eyes). and applied it to the inner 3rd of my eyelid. I then grabbed my pink eyeshadow from the Island Sunset Duo from NYC and placed it on the middle third of my eyelid. On the Outer 3rd of my eyelid, I used Urban Decay's Electric matte eyeshadow. I blended each color into the next and continued building to get the desired effect and brightness that I wanted. I then went to work on my crease color. I grabbed a mix of the 2 purples in the Physician's formula palette. They aren't the greatest purples and they come off looking a bid dark and muddy on my eyes so I grabbed the lightest color at the top (a white with green duo chrome) and applied a tiny bit over the purple to tone it down a bit and it actually takes away from the muddiness a bit. Although  sadly, I wish I had a nice matte purple that wasn't crappy. All of my purples either look muddy (I think they're too red) or they aren't pigmented enough for my liking *boo*. But enough of the mini rant, I then grabbed the lightest color again and added it under my brow for a nice highlight. After that I grabbed a bit of the 3 original lid colors and placed them on my lower lash line, in the same order as they were on the lid, so green under green, pink under pink, and blue under blue. Finally I added some black eyeliner to my water line and some mascara to the lashes to complete my eye look.

Because I was being lazy yesterday, I only added a bit of translucent powder to my face, filled in my brows and threw on some lipstick and gloss to my lips. I didn't bother with foundation or blush at all.

Products Used:


Elf's eyelid primer (nude)

Eyeshadow: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow (for green eyes)

NYC duo shadow, Island Sunset #811B

Urban Decay: Electric eyeshadow matte

Mascara: Avon SuperFULL in Black #S21

eyebrows: NYX Champagne and Caviar brown color (3rd from color bottom row)


NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder: Translucent #701A


Lipstick: NYC Ultra moist Lipwear in Blossom #316

Kiss Gloss NYC: Park Ave Punch #532

Brushes Used:

Elf Concealer Brush(studio line) to pack color onto the lid

Elf Crease Brush (studio line)to apply color to the the crease

Elf eyeshadow (essential line) brush for the highlight

Elf blending brush (essential line) to blend all the colors seamlessly together.

Elf concealer brush (essential line) to fill in my eyebrows