Wednesday, October 5, 2011

neon orange nail polish! NYC review

Ok this is just a short review of NYC Longwear nail enamel. It is called Times Square Tangerine Creme #112. This color is bright orange/coral color. It is a creme nail polish and goes on smoothly and I acheived opaqueness within 2 coats. I also finished it with a clear top coat. The finish result is just beautiful. I love bright colors and this was a wonderful addition to my collection. I also think this would be a great fall color, despite it's bright color. It would be great paired with some darker brick reds or dark oranges to brighten up an outfit for this fall. I am completely impressed with NYC's nail polish, this one was 98 cents and it's perfect in my opinion. I hate spending a ton of money on nail polishes because it always goes bad before I ever get to finish them. So there ya go, check it out--it's a beautiful color!