Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gothic Sunset!

Got a new look for you guys today! It's called Gothic Sunset! It's a black/pink look (sorry for the lack of colors until I get my new ones in from Urban Decay I'm stuck with a limited selection of colors to play with!) But it's still a pretty look, and one I would definitely wear out at night sometime. Also want to add, I didn't put any face makeup on, and I didn't do anything with my eyebrows, so excuse that hot mess everywhere So anyway  without more blabbering, here are some pics, followed by the instructions:

close up, eye open

close up, eye closed

whole look, eyes open

whole look eyes closed

So I started off with elfs eyelid primer in nude, I spread it over the entire lid and let dry for a about 30 seconds. I then applied the black eyeshadow on my lid; packing it on there to get as dark of a black as possible. This may take a few layers, depending on how pigmented your shadow is. Once I got that to my satisfaction, I applied the pink shadow to my crease, again applying as much as needed to get the desired effect. I then blend the black and the pink together so there isn't a really stark line between the 2 colors. As I've learned, the more you blend the more beautiful your make up will look (no matter what kind of look you're going for, be it natural or a little crazy ;)!!) I then applied my highlight color under my brow and blended it down into the pink. If it's necessary you continue to add color and blend together until you get the intensity you want along with the perfect and seamless blend between the colors. Once I got everything the way I wanted it, I then lined my upper lash line with my liquid eyeliner, getting it as close to the lash line as I could (although you won't see the eyeliner much on black eyeshadow, it will still create a subtle pop to your look). I then took my pencil liner and lined my bottom waterline. Lastly, I curled my eyelashes and applied my mascara! The last finishing touch to most of my looks I take a light color and add it to the inner corner of my eyes. That part between the tear duct and wear your nose is. It really makes the eye pop. In this case I used the same color that I used to highlight my eyes under my brow. Tada, you have a beautiful but spunky go out and rock it, ladies!! <3


Products used:
primer: elf's eyelid primer (nude)

eyeshadow: Maybelline, Night Sky # 240 (not sure if they still make this, mine is pretty old) for the lid color. NYC duo shadow, Island Sunset #811B for the pink crease shade. Rimmel London Smokey Purple quad #003 (lightest shade for highlight and inner corner highlight).

eyeliner (uppler lash line): NYC liquid eyeliner, Black #887

Eyeliner (waterline): Avon glimmersitck in Blackest Night #G04

Mascara: NYC Skyrise lengthening Mascara in Extreme Black #842

Brushes Used:

Elf eyeshadow brush for the lid as well as the highlighter color

Elf blending brush to do the crease as well as blend all the colors seamlessly together.