Thursday, September 22, 2011

Party at Midnight!

Was bored so I did a new eye look today. You'll have to forgive me, I didn't do full face makeup. My family has been sick, so I've been busy taking care of everyone. But I still wanted to do a new eye look at least! It's a dark yet sparkly look. Would be great for going out at night, or if you're a bit daring (like myself) for a daytime look too! Here ya go:

I didn't even use a primer today (Bad bad bad..haha). I did start off by using Urban Decay's cream eyeshadow in Delinquent as a base. Over that, I applied Urban Decay's loose pigment in Rockstar. It's a purple pigment in a black base with lots of sparklies! It's a beautiful color and this is my first time using it! Anyway I applied Rockstar to my lower lid up to the crease. In the crease, I used a dark teal color from my Physician's formula Palette (bottom color). It didn't blend very nicely (should have used a primer!!) but I got the general gyst of the look! I then applied a white matte for my highlight under my brow. I used Maybelline's gel liner in black to line my lower waterline and under my lash line. To finish the look off I used some black mascara from NYC.

I didn't do anything to my face except a primer to even out my skin a bit, and filled in my brows. On my lips I just used a lip gloss from L.A. Colors.

Products used:


Eyeshadow: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow (for green eyes)

Urban Decay's cream eyeshadow in delinquent

Urban Decay's loose pigment in Rockstar

NYX Champagne and Caviar palette (white for the highlight, and dark brown to fill in my brows)

Maybelline Gel liner: black

NYC: Showtime volumizing mascara in Extreme Black #844


Hard Candy: Face Primer


LA colors Moisturizing lip gloss: Pink Pearl

Brushes Used:

Elf Crease Brush (studio line)to apply color to the the crease

Elf eyeshadow (essential line) brush for the highlight

Elf blending brush (essential line) to blend all the colors seamlessly together.

Elf concealer brush (essential line) to fill in my eyebrows