Saturday, October 15, 2011

Revlon Double Ended Smokey Eye Brush Review!

I was out browsing at walmart last week and decided to take a stroll into the cosmetics department, big surprise (ok maybe not)! haha. I had looked at their brushes a few times but never really thought too much about buying any of them. I've had this great little pot of gel liner that I've been using and I just couldn't get the hang of using it with the brush that came with is, so I was only using it on the waterline. But I have been wanting to use it on my upper lash line for ages, and just could never get it to go on very well. So I decided to buy an angled liner brush. This was the BEST decision I ever made. This little guy has changed my world! It has made using gel liner on my upper lash line a *walk in the park*! I can apply it with ease and can now see the full benefits of a gel liner! I just love this stuff.  

This brush is a double ended guy. You get an angled liner brush on one end, and a dome shaped smudge brush on the other end. I haven't messed with the smudge brush end yet (although it's nice to have a good one in my arsenal!), but the angled side is great! It's thin enough to make a nice thin line. It's stiff enough to hold product and glide across the lid, but not TOO stiff to where it leaves you tugging at your lids and skin (not good for the delicate eye area). It is a synthetic brush, which is great for cream products, but can be used for powder too, and according to Revlon's website--the handle is made of birch wood. 

If I had to give this brush any negative comments, it is because it is double ended. It's nice because you get 2 brushes in one, but bad for the same reason. I have my brushes in a square glass cup for daily use, and no matter which end I put *down* --one of them is gonna end up being on the bottom. Which potentially could mess up at least one of the brushes over time. So with this brush I end up leaving it laying flat on the counter, which sucks cause I like to keep my brushes together (and my cats love to steal them--bad kitties!) One thing that at least HELPS to counteract this is, the smudge side comes with a plastic cover. If you leave the cover on, it comes down far enough that you could leave it with that side down without it messing up the brush. But you have to remember to *re-cap* it when it's not in use..which I'm terrible at remembering to do.  But for like 4 or 5 bucks I definitely wouldn't pass it up though even if only for the angled brush side.